Rated R Shaman Of Sexy


Rated R Shaman Of Sexy


RRS, The Artist, Saint Anger




225 lb


April 1, 1995


Oakland, California


Hate Me Now ~ Nas ft. Puffy


Y2Impact, Mister K, Robbie V, Jaywalkler




"Stigmata", "Kanadian Killer"

James Cobain(born April 12th, 1983), better known as The Rated R Shaman of Sexy , Saint Anger, RRS, or †(The Artist Formerly Known As The Rated R Shaman of Sexy) is an American professional e-fedder who has preformed in several popular e-federations as either a main eventer or mid-carder. Known for his quick rise to fame through exceptional promoing and promoing habits as well as his controversial attitude and way of going about things, Carroll created an impressive and memorable style of work that brings many fans and new members to join and tune into him in action. RRS is currently signed to the e-federations, Extreme Answers Wrestling under the brand, Dynasty.


[hide]*1 Career


On December 25th, 2007, The Rated R Shaman of Sexy signed a deal with Extreme Answers Wrestling after being introduced by main eventer and CEO, Masters. The next day Carroll introduced himself to chairman, Ronn, and writer, Mr. DEDEDE. Many expected Carroll to become a huge asset to the business and quickly became a well known competitor in Extreme Answers Wrestling as well as many other promotions.

Answers Championship WrestlingEdit

Months after joining EAW, Shaman looked to build his career and add more titles to his resume. During this lust for titles he joined another Answers based e-federation known as ACW. There was a large amount of controversy dealing with Shaman joining ACW. First of all ACW and EAW were rival e-federations and many felt he was being distracted from his EAW career. Secondly, it was speculated that he was offered championships so that he would join the popular e-federation. This created an all out war that ultimately made Shaman lose popularity. He continued creating controversy and not being used. He quit ACW twice before signing for a third time and winning the ACW Hardcore Championship. [1]RRS in ACW during 2008Added by RRSAlthough Shaman lost the title the same night, he won it for a second time on Corruption and has claimed that "The Rated R Era has Begun". RRS continued in small feuds after losing his championship up until ACW died in early 2009. Shaman reasoned months after the closure of ACW, "If I took ACW halfway seriously, there would be no doubt I would have been a multiple time World Champion". [2]RRS winning his first championship in ACW (2008).Added by RRSWith the revival of ACW in April 2010, the Rated R Shaman of Sexy decided to rejoin for the sake of fulfilling his world championship desires. On the opening show, Corruption, Carroll won the ACW Corruption World Championship in a Fatal Fourway against several ACW Champions from the past. However, after a small dispute with the ACW Co-chairman, Regulator, Carroll was essentially stripped of his world championship. However, Regulator was soon stripped of his duties and RRS was soon given his shot at the ACW Corruption World Heavyweight Championship at the upcoming FPV, Element of Pain II. At this FPV, RRS out-promoed Kevin Devastation substantially and defeated Kevin Devastation after spearing him through a glass table and barely throwing an arm over then-champion, Devastation, for the pinfall victory. Immediately following the show, RRS was traded to Chaos for Eric Darkthrone. Even though RRS was Corruption World Champion once again, the championship was vacated due to the fact that ACW was merging with The Classic Wrestling Federation to form Answers Championship Wrestling Federation.

Answers Championship Wrestling FederationEdit

With Answers Championship Wrestling folding for the sake of the merge with The Classic Wrestling Federation, RRS was eligible for the ACWF Draft between the new three brands, Chaos, Pride, and Ringside. Although some superstars could be locked from the draft and immediately put on the roster. ACW's Chaos board decided to not lock RRS onto their roster because they figured that RRS did not appeal at all to the other two brands. They abused this fact and selected RRS mid-way through the draft. However, big plans were in order for the man who behind the scenes was an assistant writer and assistant video maker as well as the head of ACWF's GFX Department. [3]RRS on his ACWF debut in 2010Added by RRSOn the first ACWF show, Chaos, RRS demanded that he be handed the ACWF ACW World Heavyweight Championship after his title had been vacated prior to the merge. Then-General Manager, Curious Girl did not allow it and said that if RRS wanted to win the ACWF ACW World Heavyweight Championship, he would have to participate in the upcoming tournament. In the first round of the tournament, RRS lost to Gage Smith and was eliminated. Soon thereafter, RRS' beef with Curious Girl and the ACWF Management continued as he was placed in matches such as a one on five handicap match versus various superstars. Weeks later, he attacked Curious Girl and nearly seriously injured her. [4]RRS during a match in Answers Championship Wrestling Federation (2010).Added by RRSHowever, a returning Regulator attacked RRS and sparked a small feud which would lead up to a Glass Wallz match at the upcoming FPV, ACWF Power Age. If Regulator won this match, RRS was fired from the Chaos brand and would not be allowed to participate in any future Chaos events. However, if RRS were to win, Curious Girl would be demoted and RRS would become General Manager of Chaos. When the match happened, it lasted for close to three hours and left both men nearly lifeless. Despite injury, RRS was able to pick up the victory and become General Manager of Chaos, extending his streak to 6-0 in Glass Wallz Matches. RRS left the federation shortly after winning the ACWF ACW World Heavyweight Championship because of personal reasons.

The Destruction of Answers Championship Wrestling FederationEdit

Soon after RRS' departure from the federation, his reasons for leaving soon emerged. According to RRS, ACWF had unfairly treated him for his diligent work-habit and extra contributions to the site including managing branches of management (such as writing and graphics). [5]RRS made himself out to be a huge heel in ACWF because of his domination over crowd favorites such as Viper (2010).Added by RRSThe most upsetting reason for RRS' departure was Carlos' apparent belittling of the work that RRS had done to the site and ultimately replacing all of RRS' work as soon as he had left. In response, RRS began slandering the promotion while siding with EAW and picking up managerial jobs in EAW, ACWF's apparent "rival promotion". RRS then devised a plan to invade ACWF while it was at a weak state in early September with his personal friend Y2Impact. RRS, posing as a co-chairman, Killswitch, talked to another co-chairman, American Dragon 5000, in order to obtain the password after claiming to be having problems with logging into the site. RRS, still posing as Killswitch, thanked American Dragon 5000 for helping him and left without being noticed. About two hours later, almost every co-chairman had arrived to the promotion, they had found out that RRS had taken control of the site. Regulator, the former friend of RRS, begged and pleaded to have the password given back. [6]RRS was easily one of the most hated superstars in ACWF because of his actions in and out of the ring (2010).Added by RRSRRS showed some remorse for his actions and reluctantly agreed to eventually give the password back on conditions. Jokingly, he demanded a position in the Hall of Fame, a World Championship, a co-chairman's position, among other things. RRS gave the password back, however, Y2Impact had switched the password a second time so RRS and him would still have control. EAW writer, Robbie V then threatened Y2Impact and his job in EAW if the password was not given back (However, it should be noted that this was strictly just a threat on Robbie's part as CM Banks, EAW Chairman, later confirmed that he wouldn't have fired Y2Impact, nor given him any punishment as a result of his actions). After approximately fourteen hours of chaos, the ACWF password was given back to Regulator. Despite repossessing control of the site, RRS had severely damaged ACWF and changed the efed world. With the EAW apparently siding with RRS' actions, many ACWF members sided with either EAW or ACWF. [7]Aside from other things, RRS was known for his constant interferences in matches he was not a part of. (2010)Added by RRSEAW extremists such as Carlos and Regulator immediately quit EAW because of the theft of the site password. On the other hand, ACWF feared for its deletion and, out of fear, created a secondary site and promotion called "Phoenix Championship Wrestling" during the madness that ensued. Because of RRS' ACWF career being successful and Carlos and Regulator's plan to act in spite of RRS, the name "Answers Championship Wrestling Federation" was changed to "Phoenix Championship Wrestling" and all titles were reset and renamed. RRS was deleted from the history of ACWF-turned-PCW and was scheduled for a fake tag team match at an upcoming FPV against two PCW jobbers. PCW would officially die in early December, but experienced a troubling, slow death because of RRS' actions. Regulator's career, which could arguably have hit a prime with a World Championship win in the upcoming months of EAW, were shattered as well as any competition EAW had at the time.

Extreme Answers WrestlingEdit

Debut; Feud with Captain Charisma (2007-2008)Edit

Shaman was quickly noted to be a very talented young superstar and was added to a tournament for the EAW Hardcore Title, which is possibly the second most valuable title in EAW. For those who don't know, the Hardcore Title is contested under 24/7 rules meaning that anyone can pin the champion at any time for the title as long as there is a referee present. This makes the title the hardest one to keep. In this same tournament was Book of Wrestling, Hey Yo Chico, and Captain Charisma. All three of these men were notable threats to the hardcore title. Shaman would square off against Hey Yo Chico and Captain Charisma was going to face Book of Wrestling. That night Shaman won my match and advanced to face his opponent, Book of Wrestling for the Hardcore Championship. [8]RRS at a tribute show in early 2008Added by DeanJamesThe next week Book of Wrestling and RRS squared off in the square circle and put on one hell of a match. Midway through the match Captain Charisma interfered and hit his finisher on RRS while BOW was down. Captain Charisma pinned him and was seen as being screwed over. Over the next few months he got his chances but Captain Charisma would interfere and cause him to lose. Without the matches he's lost he would have a perfect record in EAW. Captain Charisma continued to capture the hardcore title (he won it 3 times) and finally RRS had another match for the title many thought he should be holding.

The Rated R Shaman of Sexy had a match for the Hardcore Championship against Captain Charisma, Hey Yo Chico, and Book of Wrestling in a fatal four-way glass walls match. This match was seen as one of the greatest matches in EAW history and one of the most extreme matches in all of e-federations. The feud between Shaman and Captain Charisma boiled and both made amazing promos. RRS and Captain Charisma went on to face each other again on Showdown during a 24/7 title match where Captain Charisma and his stable attacked him and his girlfriend turned on him causing him to lose his title and creating a very personal situation going into FPV, Pain For Pride.

RRS and Captain Charisma fought in the highest rated match that night at Pain for Pride. The first match ended as a no contested because both men fell off the titantron resulting in non-responsive competitors. But after a couple of minutes they continued to fight and ended up getting in a second match. Shaman hit his finisher and didn't let Sabina, his ex-girlfriend, interfere. He walked out of the arena as Hardcore champion.

On Showdown Episode 13 Shaman proposed to his former girlfriend,Sabina, but she couldn't accept knowing that Captain Charisma would be there for her. So she put her contract on the line in a loser leaves the brand Hardcore Championship/Money in the Bank Style Steel Cage Match. The winner would walk away with the title and the girl and the loser would go to the secondary show, Dynasty. In one of the longest matches in EAW history, The Rated R Shaman of Sexy and Captain Charisma fought for about 2 hours. They put on one hell of a show but when it was all said and done CC pinned the Hardcore Champion and became champ. Sabina rushed to her boyfriend's aid as Charisma told Sabina that her contract was all his. Suddenly, CEO, Masters, walked out and announced that at Midsummer Massacre, an annual PPV, he would face Captain Charisma and The Rated R Shaman of Sexy in a Triple Threat in which the Hardcore and World Championships would be on the line. And if Shaman were to win this match he would not only become EAW's first Undisputed Hardcore Champion but he would also have Sabina's contract released from CC. [9]RRS holding his Hardcore Championship in 2008Added by RRSAt Midsummer Massacre, the main FPV of the summer, Masters, Charisma, and Shaman faced each other in one hell of a match. It was even most of the way through. There were many pin attempts and submissions locked in but in the end the crowd was shocked. Not because one of the three men one the championship, but because Mr. DEDEDE came running down the aisle to interfere. Putting the 24/7 to good use, he pinned the Hardcore Champion, Captain Charisma, and then pinned the EAW Champion, Masters, therefore becoming the EAW Undisputed Hardcore Champion. Shaman was kept on Showdown because he wasn't pinned an won his girlfriend's contract. On the next Showdown The Rated R Shaman of Sexy faced Mr. DEDEDE in a match he always looked forward to having. The match was set to be for the the Undisputed Hardcore Championship but after a couple of minutes of fighting, MvM aka Mr. Knocka, Mr. DEDEDE's opponent at Midsummer Massacre, interfered by MKOing (RKOing) Shaman not once but twice. Afterwards, DEDEDE grabbed a guitar filled with glass and thumbtacks and smashed it over he head of Shaman. MvM MKOed DDD and dragged him on top of Shaman thus screwing Shaman out of the win. Shaman was injured by the guitar shot. He was diagnosed with a splintered piece of wood from the guitar slicing threw he skin and getting wedged in his bloodstream. At the same time he was diagnosed he proposed to Sabina for the second time and she accepted. He had a successful surgery removing the piece of wood. His wedding is set to be at the next EAW PPV/Super-Show, King of Extreme. In the weeks leading up to the wedding a mysterious figure, Jamez, kept stalking Shaman's fiance. Finally at the wedding, ETR came and ruined it by attacking Shaman. At the Dynasty after King of Extreme, ETR faced Shaman after playing several mind games with him. Sabina came in to help Shaman and tried to hit ETR with her title belt but missed and hit Shaman, costing him the matchup. Shaman defeated Knocka and accepted ETR's Street Fight match at the PPV, Road to Redemption. This match was changed to a triple threat match with ETR and the returning, Makaveli.

Stint on Dynasty; Pursuit of World Championship (2009)Edit

The Rated R Shaman next appeared on Dynasty as one of the last draftees in EAW's draft. He was put in a surprise World Heavyweight Championship matchup, hit his finishing move, the corkscrew moonsault, and pinned Then-World-Heavyweight-Champion, Impact, to win himself his first world title. [10]RRS walking down the ramp with his newly won World Heavyweight Championship in 2009Added by RRSAt the next FPV, Showdown vs. Dynasty, Shaman took on his old foe, Captain Charisma, in a Glass Walls Match to decide brand supremacy. The long fought battle ended with the World Champion, RRS, winning. The following Dynasty, despite a severe leg and knee injury created in Shaman's previous match, he took Regulator (the National Extreme Champion) on in a Champion vs. Champion match and lost after missing a spear. Impact was waiting in the locker-room and then decided to use his rematch clause against Shaman for the next Dynasty. But that next week when Shaman was supposed to take on Impact, HRDO came out chokeslammed Shaman and Impact picked from the scraps to obtain the World Heavyweight Championship. Looking for vengeance, Shaman stressed the fact that he was still in contention for the Championship and had a rematch clause which he would use in the following weeks where he faced Impact in the match he claims that he created, The Glass Walls Match. In that match, Shaman expanded his winning streak inside the Glass Walls match by pinning Impact for his third win inside the glass walls and his second World Championship Reign. [11]RRS vs. CM Banks in 2009Added by RRSShaman was then faced with one of Dynasty's newest competitors, Mr. DEDEDE, who was moved to Dynasty as a result of the EAW Draft. The history between the two men was re-sparked and Mr. DEDEDE made it clear that he was gunning for Shaman's World Title. He was added to a Reckless Wiring poll to see who Shaman would face at the next Dynasty FPV. The fans would get to decide who Shaman would defend his World Title against, whether it be Regulator, Impact, or Mr. DEDEDE. The next week, DDD and RRS brawled around the arena until Mr. DEDEDE was arrested by arena security. Later in the feud, at Reckless Wiring, Shaman lost his World Championship to Mr. DEDEDE. Following the feud, RRS fought in various small-scale feuds and eventually was fired from Extreme Answers Wrestling in mid-summer. He returned in late August 2009 hoping to restart his career, but after frustrating losses and complaints on his character's use, RRS ultimately retired from EAW.

Saint Anger (2009-2010)Edit

Main article: Saint AngerSeveral days after RRS' retirement, former opponent, Y2Impact, was set to face Kevin Devastation and The Dark Emperor, former tag team champions, in a tag team contest with a partner of his choosing. Much to EAW's surprise, Saint Anger, who had first appeared in EAW in early May of 2009, was chosen as the partner, dominated, and defeated the former tag team champions with Y2Impact. [12]Carroll as "Saint Anger" during one of his first EAW matches in 2009Added by RRSThis was the beginning of The Order of the Angels. Saint Anger continued to dominate members of EAW in matches including singles, tag, and handicaps in which St. Anger was the victor in every contest he participated in. Besides that, Anger also interfered in several other matches including Regulator vs. Y2Impact and the Interbranded Championship Scramble, where Anger prevented the current champion, James Montell Johnson, from retaining his World Championship, this making St. Anger's tag team partner, Y2Impact, the Interbranded World Champion. Following the match, The Order of the Angels announced their chase for both the World Tag Team and Tag Team Championships being held by Robbie V and Viper. At King of Extreme II, the Order of the Angels received their shot at the Unified Tag Team Champions, RoViper, and were successful in capturing the Unified Tag Team Championships with apparent ease. As champions, the Order of the Angels were dominant and Saint Anger extended his winning streak to pass MvM's previous record of a 21-0 streak. Saint Anger received three Interbrand Championship opportunities, none of which were one-on-one matches. With the disappointing pinfalls of other competitors in matches such as fatal fourways for the Interbrand Championship, the streak was not broken and Saint Anger was not crowned champion. Soon thereafter, Y2Impact fell to a pin in both the Unified Tag Team Championship match with Mr. DEDEDE and Captain Charisma and, also, the following Number One Contender's match for the Unified Tag Team Championships against the Ryding Regulationz, Matt Ryder and Regulator. Saint Anger has since been part of various singles matches where he has stretched his streak to a near 30-0. [13]St. Anger's "portrait" from 2009Added by RRSHowever, in his attempt to become 30-0 since his debut, he faced his ex-partner Y2Impact at Grand Rampage. Due to interferences from various superstars,Saint Anger picked up his first loss via pin fall. He has never submitted in his career and continued to become 30-1 before slowly being dropped out of scripts for reasons unknown. It is rumored that the declining popularity of the extremist would take a critical hit when the streak was ended. This may be the reason that Saint Anger disappeared for some time.

Saint Anger is mainly known for his dominance, promoing habits, and creativity. According to his promos, he is currently an inmate at San Quentin Prison (California), specifically on death row for apparent murders. His promos are the longest of any kind in any Yahoo Answers Based Efederation and contains possibly the most graphic material on the promos page. "I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with my partner's mind, but it's definitely redefining what a monster is," Y2Impact has said. It is assumed that Saint Anger and The Rated R Shaman of Sexy are the same person playing under two gimmicks, but while in XWF, RRS denied knowing or even caring about anything that had to do with EAW.

Return to EAW; Sporadic Feuds (2010)Edit

In the latter half of 2010, RRS was announced to face Midnight Madden on a Dynasty show following the EAW Draft. There had been no previous announcements stating that RRS would be returning for any reason. In fact, many people thought that it was a mistake by the writers. However, RRS did return and defeated Midnight Madden to begin his comeback. In the following weeks, RRS quickly climbed his way through the midcard where he would then face SG2 and the CITV Briefcase Holder and National Extreme Champion, Hurricane Hawk, at Midsummer Massacre. [14]RRS on Dynasty in mid-2010Added by RRSBoth the Cash in the Vault (a future world championship match) and the National Extreme Championship would be on the line in the two-fall triple threat match. RRS constantly verbally attacked his opponents heading into the match and, although he was not favored to win both falls, made his presence known. He easily won the National Extreme Championship by pinning Hurricane Hawk. After that fall, RRS was able to spear SG2 and go for the pin, but Hurricane Hawk interfered and pinned SG2 for the victory to retain his Cash in the Vault. RRS continued his reign as National Extreme Champion picking up wins every week following Midsummer Massacre. However, Captain Charisma, a long-time enemy of RRS' returned to Dynasty just a few days after Midsummer Massacre. RRS and Captain Charisma hinted at building a tag team with each other, but Captain Charisma turned on RRS during a tag team match which made the match end in a no contest. [15]RRS on Showdown after being traded in 2010Added by RRSThe two argued and fought each other to the point that management suggested having a "Final Encounter" between the two extremists at the upcoming FPV, Territorial Invasion. The two agreed as the match became a Last Man Standing match regulated and moderated by Hall of Famer, Mr. DEDEDE. The match served as the main event for Territorial Invasion but ended in a double knockout because RRS hit a sunset flip powerbomb off of a ladder and onto various weapons. Many consider the feud to have never been finished, but the two have gone their separate ways for now.

The following week, RRS was scheduled to face Heart Break Boy, but did not compete due to injuries sustained in his match against Captain Charisma. That same night, newly appointed General Manager of Dynasty, Jaywalker, stripped RRS of his title and fired him from Dynasty for personal reasons.

Return to Showdown; World Championship Push (2010-2011)Edit

RRS was picked up by Showdown in the process where RRS interrupted Showdown General Manager, Carlos, while he demanded that the Extreme Elimination Chamber at the upcoming FPV, Road to Redemption, be taken off the card for not being a traditional wrestling match [16]RRS during his winning streak stretching into Showdown in 2010Added by RRSRRS immaturely argued with Carlos and convinced Carlos to make a deal with him that if HRDO won his qualifying match-up for the Extreme Elimination Chamber that night, that RRS would face an opponent of Carlos' choosing on the following Showdown for the fate of the Extreme Elimination Chamber and RRS' qualifying spot. However, if HRDO were to lose, then RRS would be fired from Showdown and, ultimately, fired from Extreme Answers Wrestling. HRDO was able to qualify for the Extreme Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship that night which set up RRS' qualification match the following week against an opponent of Carlos' choosing. Carlos went on to schedule RRS in a handicap match against Carlos' thrown together "Chairs Are For Sitting" stable. However, RRS quickly won the match after getting SG2 disqualified for having a weapon in his tights (which RRS had placed prior to the show). [17]RRS hitting his finisher, the Stigmata, during an impressive win-streak on Showdown (2010).Added by RRSBecause of this, RRS was entered into the World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Elimination Chamber at Road to Redemption IV. RRS was one of the first two men to enter the Extreme Elimination Chamber but was able to score two huge pinfalls during the match and ultimately be left as one of the final two men to battle for the World Heavyweight Championship. Since RRS had already pinned Y2Impact and eliminated him, a new champion was guaranteed. However, RRS was not able to pin H-R-D-O and eliminate him, ending his World Heavyweight Championship aspirations for the time being. Despite losing his match at Road to Redemption, RRS was focused on earning a spot as the Number One Contender for the championship in the upcoming weeks. The former World Heavyweight Champion, Y2Impact, however, earned the shot as declared by the newly crowned General Manager of Showdown, Robbie V. Robbie V also barred RRS from the World Heavyweight Championship scene and placed the Y2Impact versus H-R-D-O World Heavyweight Championship match which would be held at No Regards inside of a steel cage. A week later, RRS was given a number one contender's match after Y2Impact went out on injury. RRS was able to defeat H-R-D-O and solidify a solid losing streak on H-R-D-O's part. With the obvious momentum on RRS' side, it looked certain that RRS would go on to win his third EAW World Heavyweight Championship at No Regards. However, RRS was unsuccessful at the event and H-R-D-O was able to retain his championship. [18]RRS hitting his finisher, Stigmata in 2011Added by RRSWeeks later, H-R-D-O retired while holding the World Heavyweight Championship on December 24th, 2010, making the EAW World Heavyweight Championship vacant. At the same time, a supposed camera-man who went by the name of "Joel". Joel had recorded the backstage brawl between Y2Impact and H-R-D-O which eventually lead to Y2Impact becoming beaten and bloodied. Joel would eventually become a spokesmen who interviewed Y2Impact on several occasions until eventually Y2Impact concluded that Joel was working with someone in order to sabotage Y2Impact and his career on Showdown. Y2Impact would become adamant on exposing who Joel was working for. During an episode of Showdown, Y2Impact was able to get Joel's cell phone while he was talking to the man apparently orchestrating the sabotaging of Y2Impact's career. The following week, Y2Impact went through the recent calls and concluded that Robbie V was the man controlling Joel. [19]Y2Impact and RRS' match on Dynasty in 2009Added by RRSRobbie V then came out to respond to Y2Impact by attempting to convince him that he was not the man controlling Joel. Y2Impact did not believe Robbie V and threatened him while RRS came out of nowhere, hitting a devastating spear and laying Y2Impact out. Showdown General Manager, Robbie V then announced that RRS and Y2Impact would face each other in a Loser-Leaves-Showdown, Number One Contender's Match for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship at King of Extreme III. This would serve as Showdown's main event for the show. At King of Extreme, Y2Impact announced the clause in his contract that the loser of the World Heavyweight Championship match would receive a rematch clause and, as Y2Impact was injured during HRDO's first (and only) defense, he would still be given the match. After consideration, Robbie V announced that Y2Impact vs RRS would become a World Heavyweight Championship match. In the event, Hurricane Hawk interrupted a pivotal point in the match up and cashed in his CITV briefcase, changing the match into a Triple-Threat. After Hurricane Hawk cashed in, he hit Y2Impact with his CITV briefcase before executing the Legacy Cutter and pinning him to win the Extreme Answers Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. As a result of Y2Impact being pinned and not RRS, RRS would stay on EAW Showdown.

World Heavyweight Champion, Feud with Robbie V (2011)Edit

Following King of Extreme III, RRS had sporadic matches on Showdown and was not booked at Reasonable Doubt III. At Reasonable Doubt, RRS met backstage with Robbie V and encouraged him to defeat Ashten Cross. He also talked to Y2Impact, saying that he wouldn't stop until Y2Impact was gone for good. [20]RRS on Dynasty before his match for the Unified Tag Team Championships in 2011Added by RRSThe following Showdown, RRS and Robbie V joined forces to create the tag team, Sex N' Violence, and have their debut match against Kawajai and Power. They won the match, making them the Number One Contenders to the Unified Tag Team Championships. On Dynasty the next day, then-Unified-Tag-Team-Champions, Dynasty X, were set to defend their championships against Damage Incorporated. However, the match was changed to a triple threat Unified Tag Team Championship match including Sex N' Violence, Dynasty X, and Damage Inc. Damage Inc. refused to participate until they got a shot for the Unified Tag Team Championships at the upcoming FPV, Reckless Wiring III. This made the match Dynasty X vs. Sex N' Violence. Sex N' Violence was able to defeat Dynasty X, winning Robbie V and RRS their second Unified Tag Team Championships respectively. In the weeks following, RRS and Robbie V defended their Unified Tag Team Championships and continued to serve as the core of the EAW Showdown roster. [21]RRS as one of the EAW Unified Tag Team Champions on an episode of EAW Showdown (2011).Added by RRSIn the upcoming weeks following up to Grand Rampage IV, RRS and Hurricane Hawk began to feud with each other. Hurricane Hawk would eventually set up a number one contender's match between RRS and Robbie V for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. RRS would win the qualifying match in order to receive a future EAW World Heavyweight Championship match at Grand Rampage IV. However, Hurricane Hawk would interfere in a match that RRS would have in the upcoming weeks, thus making the general manager of EAW Showdown issue the championship match to happen later that night on EAW Showdown. RRS was able to win the match and capture his third EAW World Heavyweight Championship of his professional career. He was congratulated by Robbie V in the ring following the victory. As a result of the early EAW World Heavyweight Championship match on Showdown and the subsequent release of Hurricane Hawk, RRS was issued a spot in the Grand Rampage match at Grand Rampage IV. [22]RRS the night he won his third EAW World Heavyweight Championship against Hurricane Hawk (2011).Added by RRSRobbie V was also announced to be a participant in the Grand Rampage match. This began the hostility between both Sex N' Violence members. Both members agreed that if they both made it until the end of the elimination match, there would be no hard feelings. At the event, RRS entered the match as the first participant, a place that has never won the Grand Rampage match. RRS and his partner, Robbie V, made it to the final four participants in the match where RRS was eliminated. Robbie V ended up eliminating the extremist who eliminated his partner, RRS, and won the Grand Rampage to win a main event world championship match of his choosing at Pain 4 Pride. In the upcoming weeks, Robbie V kept his plans on which world champion he would face at Pain 4 Pride as a secret, refusing to tell his friend, partner, and then-EAW World Heavyweight Champion, RRS. [23]RRS eliminating a participant in the Grand Rampage match (2011).Added by RRSOn an episode of EAW Showdown, Robbie V invited each of the three world champions to meet in the ring in order for him to announce who he planned to face. At the show, Robbie V revealed that he did not know who he'd like to face and made a match between the three world champions at the upcoming free-per-view, Dynasty vs. Showdown: Triple Threat, in which the person who would be pinned would have to defend their championship against Robbie V in the main event of Pain 4 Pride. In the main event at Dynasty vs. Showdown: Triple Threat, RRS was able to hit his finishers on then-EAW Answers World Champion, Y2Impact, and then-EAW World Champion, Heart Break Boy in the opening minutes of the bout. With complete control and two instances where he had broken up his own pinfall on both of the other world champions, RRS told Heart Break Boy to hit a superkick on him. [24]RRS during a championship appearance at a local hockey game (2011).Added by RRSAfter three superkicks, all of which RRS got back up from, Heart Break Boy hit a fourth and final superkick before pinning RRS for the victory. As a result, RRS would go on to face Robbie V at Pain 4 Pride and defend his EAW World Heavyweight Championship. No Grand Rampage winner had ever lost in the main event of Pain For Pride after using their opportunity. The hostility between RRS and Robbie V grew in the upcoming weeks as Pain 4 Pride approached rapidly. In the final episode of EAW Showdown before Pain 4 Pride, Sex N' Violence were to defend their EAW Unified Tag Team Championships against Channel Zero, Kawajai and Apollo Calix in a steel cage match. Sex N' Violence would have their EAW Unified Tag Team Championship reign ended as RRS turned on Robbie V and left him for dead. [25]RRS the night of Pain 4 Pride (2011).Added by RRSThe night of Pain 4 Pride, Robbie V and RRS put on an excellent and well-received match, one of which that was considered one of the greatest matches in Extreme Answers Wrestling history. Although RRS put up a good fight, Robbie V was able to win his first EAW World Heavyweight Championship, the first major championship of his career. Immediately following the match, Robbie V announced that he would be vacating the title and retiring from Extreme Answers Wrestling. That same night, RRS' mentor, Mr. DEDEDE would also retire. At the end of the free-per-view, RRS embraced his good friends Robbie V and Mr. DEDEDE before they left EAW permanently.

Hall of Fame Induction (2011)Edit

On May 21st, 2011, following the EAW free-per-view, Dynasty vs. Showdown: Triple Threat, it was announced that RRS would be inducted into the third class of the EAW Hall of Fame in EAW's history. On July 23rd, 2011, the night before Pain 4 Pride. RRS had the opportunity to be inducted by his mentor Mr. DEDEDE after many of his good friends and fans commented about RRS' illustrious career. RRS, serving as the final inductee of the Class of 2011's EAW Hall of Fame, gave this speech at the event:

"You know, I've been thinking about EXACTLY what to say once I finally got up to this podium. I can think all the way back to 2008, when I first began to think about one day standing in front of all of you at this event, accepting such a great honor. [26]RRS on EAW Dynasty shortly before he was fired (2009).'Added by RRS'I can remember thinking about what I'd say...I had it all planned out...In fact, I even wrote it out by hand and read it out loud to myself because I was so anxious in accepting it. In 2009, I realized that the chances of getting into the Hall of Fame were tarnished by my reputation...that it'd be nearly impossible. In fact, I might as well have taken that speech I wrote and torn it up. I convinced myself not even to thing about it...even when people who grew in experience here just in the same way as I did entered the Hall of Fame, I sat back and acted like I didn't care. When I returned in late 2009, I believed I could have a shot getting into the next Hall of Fame. I strived. I worked. But when I got to the final day that names were announced, I was left out once again. I'm not going to lie; I was bitter. I was angry that I had worked so hard to get into that Hall of Fame...worked so hard to be immortalized...and it didn't end up working. [27]RRS on EAW Dynasty while trying to stage a comeback in EAW (2009).'Added by RRS'It hurt me at first. It hurt me to see that guys who came to this organization even after I did go into the Hall of Fame. I listened to every single word that guys like Y2Impact and Mister K and Captain Charisma had to say about being inducted...I'm positive it meant more to me than it meant to them. I thought for a long time, replayed the Hall of Fames over and over again, realizing more and more that this disappointment could happen every single year. I could come into 2011 with the same enthusiastic mentality, only to be blown off for more people who joined years after I did. But my dreams to one day enter the Hall of Fame didn't dissipate. I figured that if I didn't put forth any effort, then any sliver of a chance that I had to get into the Hall of Fame would be wasted. So I took advantage of that glimmer of hope. But it wasn't easy, I assure you. It was hard enough to come back to Extreme Answers Wrestling in 2009, I felt like garbage. [28]RRS as EAW National Extreme Champion on EAW Dynasty (2009).'Added by RRS'I don't know what you guys thought of the entire situation....and, for that matter, many of you may not even know what happened prior to my departure and during my hiatus. However, the fact of the matter is that I came back a fraction of the person I was. Performing didn't feel right. Wrestling didn't feel right. Nothing felt right. I felt so out of put down...That I considered tossing in the towel. I dragged myself along and attempted to inspire myself along the way, but there was only so much I could do. Time passed, new faces came along, 2009 ended and only a small percentage of people actually knew who I was from 2007 onward. But it didn't make things any easier. I've always held high expectations for myself, but its flourished with my return in 2009 and my second return as RRS in 2010. It has to do with all of the lost time I've wasted...all of the opportunity I used for the wrong purposes....all of the people I disappointed. Because of 2009, my progress was slowed. [29]RRS building his character in order to become a main eventer (2008).'Added by RRS'I literally had to start from nothing. I struggled to recreate myself. I struggled to get on the card. My mind was still hooked on being the main-event extremist. I am today, but I was physically in matches with guys that I thought were below my level. So I blew them off and expected to get thrown back into the main event scene. That's not how it works. There were bumps and hitches along the way. Sometimes, I had to completely stop and start all over following the initial return in 2009. It was frustrating. It made me want to quit. But I stuck through with a combination of inner strength, determination, and overwhelming support from the people who always seemed to support me in one way or another. [30]RRS was constantly encouraged by his friends to strive toward another championship reign (2008).'Added by RRS'Without some of these friends, I don't think I would have been able to make it through all of the struggles and setbacks that I endured. Knowing me and my ways, I probably would have eventually cracked and wound up like Adam: fat, without a girlfriend, and out of a job. But because of my close friends, I can say that I only share two of those three feats with Adam. Let me take a moment to thank some of these people.

I'd like to start off by thanking Jaywalker for his mentorship and undeniable friendship throughout my time in Extreme Answers Wrestling. We were great friends since day one and I appreciate everything he's done for me. He's been a voice of reason for me...which, as many of you can understand, is hugely important considering some of the mistakes I've made. Without you, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have been fired rather quickly. You've really helped my both a wrestler and a person...and I can't thank you enough for it. Thank you Jay. [31]RRS during a win-streak following his return to EAW (2010).'Added by RRS'I'd like to thank Mister K for his friendship and unmatched support during my hardships in Extreme Answers Wrestling. We weren't really friends until after I was fired in 2009, but since the first time we actually talked, there's always been a connection and understanding. I've grown to respect Mister K and all that he's done for me, selflessly. I have absolutely no clue how you put up with me along the way, but you somehow managed to do it. I appreciate every complaint you took from me along the way and every piece of support you gave me. Thank you AJ.

I'd like to thank Robbie V for his friendship and overwhelming support since along the way. Like Mister K, I didn't really talk to him the first couple months he was around...In fact, I hated his guts for the longest time. But for whatever reason, I gave our friendship a shot and it ended up being a great choice. You've been a major rock in my career and we've connected as time went on. I'm glad that we'll be facing in just forty-eight hours. Even if you beat me in a fluke and take my championship, just remember who's in the Hall of Fame and who isn't ;)...Thank you Robbie. [32]RRS showcasing his agility and versatility in one of his matches (2011).'Added by RRS'I'd like to thank Y2Impact for his friendship during these long years. He's one of my closest friends and I'd really almost do anything for him. There's no denying that he's pissed me off multiple times during the last three and a half years I've been here, but our friendship has retained its solidity and has only grown. He's helped guide me in the right direction by pushing me to beat him out in every aspect. Even today, I aim to succeed Y2Impact in everything he does...and I expect nothing less than his best from him. He's served as a support figure, a great friend, and a relatable person that I've been able to connect with over the years. Thank you, Impy. I'd like to thank one last person in particular that's really pushed me to succeed in Extreme Answers Wrestling. I envied him when I first joined. I wanted to be just like him. It didn't matter to me that so many people said the same about him, because, frankly, he was a true father figure to me. I've appreciated Mr. DEDEDE and all that he's done. I've given him a lot of crap and he's given it right back. We've gotten into fights. He's been the one poking and prodding at me during the time of my career's depression. But Mr. DEDEDE has done more than just that. He's lifted my spirits when I had no hope at all for a future in EAW. He revived my enthusiasm when I thought I had lost it permanently. Somehow, some way...he did it. [33]RRS as a young extremist, when Mr. DEDEDE saw much potential in him (2008).'Added by RRS'In 2009, I had the privilege to induct Mr. DEDEDE into the Hall of Fame. And on that very day I promised to him that WHEN I got into the Hall of Fame, he would be the first one I would ask to induct me. I am honored to say that two years later, I stand on the stage that Mr. DEDEDE was inducted to receive the same honor. I hope you're proud. Thank you Ryan. And, finally, I'd like to say thank you to all of the people that I left unnamed. Without people like Banks giving me so many chances and second opportunities, I wouldn't be standing here at all. Banks, as well as many of you fans were the ones that saw much potential within me. You all saw me crumble. You all were there to lift me back up and support me. [34]RRS in his return to EAW for the first time (2009).'Added by RRS'I wish I could go into more detail and thank people in specific, but I really don't think that you guys want to tune into a Saint Anger promo the night before Pain 4 Pride. So I'll keep it simple: Thank you to all of you that supported me in any shape or form, at any point of my career. I know that some of these people were hated by me at certain points in my career...and I'm sure the feeling was mutual. However, I have built a respect for so many people in Extreme Answers Wrestling and am thankful for all of the opportunities, second chances, and the love that I was given. Thank you all. If there's one more thing I can ask of everyone here, its to realize that I don't consider this as a Hall of Fame where all of the rejects finally got their careers immortalized. I don't see it like that at all, at least for talking about my induction this year. Instead, I think its the end of this long chapter of my career...where I was spat on...where I was beaten, bruised, battered...where I was called mean things...where I was laughed at [35]RRS following a victory on his three year anniversary of his career (2011).'Added by RRS'...where I was told over and over again that I would be nothing, that because of my actions in 2009, I'd never be able to stand on top of world for the rest of my career. But while all of this happened, I endured it. That's what this induction should represent. It should represent all of those rough times that I overcame. It should represent all of those dark days I worked through. Sure, I utilized the support given to me by my friends and mentors, but I pushed through and achieved. And I promise all of you that I'm not done trudging forward in Extreme Answers Wrestling. Because, if I did, none of this would have even been worth it. I could have spent this entire time reading off a list of names that I'd like to salute with a middle finger and several choice words like I had planned over and over again in 2009 and 2010. But it wasn't until I finally stood up here that I finally realized that there's something even better to say...something that can say much more than a finger and a couple f-bombs. I'm RRS...and I not only fully accept this Hall of Fame induction, but I can finally say that I...Stand on top of the world. And that...You Can Hate Me Now..."

Drafted to Dynasty; Answers Championship ChaseEdit

Following Pain 4 Pride, RRS was championship-less and eager to start up once again as a contender for championships. As the first draftee of the 2011 EAW Draft, held on EAW Dynasty, RRS was drafted to EAW Dynasty. He would be part of EAW Dynasty for the first time since mid-2010. He immediately got involved in the EAW Answers World Championship scene as then-EAW Answers World Champion, Lethal Consequences would also be drafted to EAW Dynasty later that night. Lethal Consequences and Kevin Devastation are set to face RRS in a triple threat for the EAW Answers World Championship at Midsummer Massacre III.

Extreme Rated R WrestlingEdit

In 2008 The Rated R Shaman of Sexy decided to run things his way. He developed an e-federation of his own called Extreme Rated R Wrestling (ERRW). The e-federation rose fast and had an impressive writing staff and graphics managing staff including some of the most well known e-federation superstars. The e-federation gained impressive characters and was ready for it's first show. With three brands and some new, never before seen ways to role-play, superstars became active as did ERRW. After a couple of months, controversy was created and Mr. DDD obtained the password to the site.

The night Mr. DEDEDE obtained the password, he logged in and deleted the site thus creating lack of trust and chaos. Mr. DEDEDE was fired and replaced by an apprentice. The e-federation rebuilt itself with more advanced sections and work but the writers quit and the e-federation ultimately became defunct.

Rated Xtreme WrestlingEdit

RXW was the third efederation created and managed by The Rated R Shaman of Sexy. Offering new ideas and styles of work he hired a large amount of writers and owners thus making it difficult for the efederation to die. Initially, the plan was to create a very violent version of wrestling including very adult material and some offensive material to go along wit hit. [36]The 2009 version of the RXW logoAdded by RRSRXW pushed the boundaries with Y2Impact, RRS, and MvM as owners. Y2Impact, RRS, and Ozz were formerly the writers of RXW while MvM was graphics manger. Mr. DEDEDE was signed as General Manager even though he deleted the previous site created by Shaman. Shaman dropped this efed because he decided to be more concerned with Extreme Answerz Wrestling. But in April 2009, Shaman revived the efederation under the name of Rated Xtreme Wrestling instead of Rated X Wrestling. Shaman approached his new efederation in a different manner. Instead of having several chairmen, Shaman decided to run the efederation by himself, using other employees such as Jake Impact, Mister K, and Robbie V, for help. In the Second version of RXW, he introduced an old ACW policy, the contract system, alongside a completely original, copyrighted system, referred to as the Point Regulations. [37]RRS participating in a ladder match at RXW in 2009Added by RRSThe Contract System allows the extremists to give more information, describe their character more fully, and choose specific things such as contract clauses and most used weapons. The Point Regulations was a very new system in which the extremists must promos, write matches, and/or make videos in order to gain "Extreme Points". Those Extreme Points could be cashed in at any time to buy specific things such as Title Matches and Titantrons. Each task has specific rules and point values. The points are counted by the Rated R Shaman of Sexy. However, RXW offers very demanding conditions. For example, if you resign from RXW without permission, you are eligible to job and still be used.

After several months of shows, recaps, and FPVs, RXW slowed to a stop while RRS focused on his XWF writing career. RXW is currently an idle efederation awaiting it's next FPV, All Systems Fail. However, the status of this has been put under hiatus as no RXW-related projects have been in the works since 2009.

World Wrestling Entertainment ChatEdit

Several months after joining EAW, Shaman joined a large e-federation, WWEC, which contained several veterans. The loud mouthed RRS was quickly seen as a major heel and one of WWEC's most hated of all-time. Even with all of the hatred, Shaman was able to capture several WWEC championships including a record six WWEC World Championships. Rated R Shaman of Sexy continued to win record setting amounts of championships and recently his presence set off a riot in the e-federation thus making WWEC's praised superstar, Adam, quit. He is no longer is part of this e-federation.

Xtreme Wrestling FederationEdit

After his departure from Extreme Answers Wrestling in the summer of 2009, The Rated R Shaman of Sexy moved to another efederation, Xtreme Wrestling Federation. Although Shaman had been part of the federation for some time, he hadn't been very active. While still being part of EAW, Shaman was offered a writing job by Regulator, Chairman of XWF. He began writing for Saturday Night Attitude but was then moved to writing Thursday Night Resistance. During this period of time, Shaman won his first set of XWF Tag Team Championships with Cena29. Together, the two XWF extremists were dominant, winning most matches in tag and singles competition, but in a Tag Team 3-Way Elimination Tables Match, Shaman speared his partner through a table, ultimately, causing his team to lose. [38]RRS making his way to the ring during an XWF house showAdded by RRSCena and RRS, although barely coexisting, made their way into XWF Xtreme Rulez: Night to Fight with the tag Team Championships. With Shaman dominating portions of the match and Cena helping along, Cena grabbed both titles in the TLC match and won his team the match. RRS and Cena were still tag champions of XWF. After the match, RRS was hit in the face with a sledgehammer by his partner and a week later would lose his Tag Titles after no-showing for half of the scheduled Tag Team Title Match against Regulator and Lethal Consequences. Cena29 retired after being speared by RRS. [39]RRS after a victory in one of his XWF matchesAdded by RRSLater that night, Gage "The Rage" Smith and Impact faced each other in a glass tables match for the XWF World Championship. While both men stood on the ladder trading blows, Shaman knocked the ladder over, making both men plummet through two glass tables. After review by officials, it was declared that GTRS had retained through a draw. It is speculated that if it weren't for Shaman knocking the Ladder over, Impact would have been crowned XWF World Champion that night. Shaman faced Impact in a Street Fight the week after with GTRS as the special guest referee. RRS won the match but was attacked by GTRS afterwards and left out cold in the ring with his battered opponent. Later during the feud, RRS, GTRS, and the newly crowned XWF Champion, Regulator, engaged in a Triple Threat Match at Extreme Retribution for the World Title. But after an interference by Cena29, RRS lost the match and Regulator retained.

Following Extreme Retribution, RRS participated in the King of Xtreme Tournament. In the first round, he took on Instant Game and Carlos in a Triple Threat Ladder Match, redeeming himself by winning the match and moving onto round two. After losing the tournament, however, RRS was excited to eventually get a world championship opportunity in his near future. Much to his dismay, XWF closed before RRS ever got another shot at the XWF World Championship. Disappointed and frustrated, Shaman left XWF for EAW hoping to forget about XWF and the time he wasted there. [40]RRS and HBKF with the Mixed Tag Team Championships in 2008Added by RRSRRS returned however and was undefeated going into Unleashed where he would defend his newly won XWF World Heavyweight Championship. With a quickly changed main event, RRS defended his World Title against Impact, Regulator, and HBB, three multiple time world champions. As the underdog, RRS won and remained undefeated, retaining his title yet another night.

It should be noted that Shaman won various titles in his previous months with the Xtreme Wrestling Federation including the United States Championship, Hardcore Championship, and Intergender Tag Team Championships (With Allie).

The Destruction of Xtreme Wrestling FederationEdit

XWF, a relatively popular e-federation was speculated to have been hacked and deleted by jealous ex-members. Among the few suspects to have deleted the site were Captain Charisma and The Rated R Shaman of Sexy. Captain Charisma had quit only one week before the site had been deleted and was obviously angry at XWF Owner, Regulator. The Rated R Shaman of Sexy had fought with Regulator only two weeks before the site was deleted thus making him a possible suspect or accomplice to Captain Charisma, who was also known as a hacker. The Rated R Shaman of Sexy had taken offense to some things that the XWF owner had said and went on "a rampage" saying things about how Regulator's e-federation was inferior to Extreme Answers Wrestling, RRS' main e-federation. Regulator denied it and supposedly said that EAW would be nothing without XWF but RRS fired back saying that XWF was built off of EAW and would be nothing if it weren't for EAW. [41]RRS in 2009 during an XWF Live EventAdded by RRSCaptain Charisma was immediately pointed out as a very possible suspect but Regulator continued searching for an answer to his question; Who destroyed his prized efed? Soon he contacted Shaman and asked him several questions. RRS pleaded innocent and asked to start over but Regulator still did not believe him. The next day Shaman was contacted once again about deleting the site but he denied it again. But CiC told Regualtor that Rated R Shaman had done it. This created a fight between RRS and Regulator. Regulator did not believe Shaman but believed CiC but RRS claimed that CiC was simply mad at him for banning him from the site for six hours. He had tried to get back at RRS by writing vile threats and comments on this very wiki and saying he had hacked and deleted XWF with his accomplice Captain Charisma. RRS then stated that he would not have the patience or knowledge to hack a site especially freewebs, which is "un-hackable". [42]RRS striking a pose at an XWF house show in 2009Added by RRSCiC and Regulator both pointed out that RRS, out of rage, may have decided with Captain Charisma that XWF should be hacked and deleted. Shaman argued by saying he wouldn't do such a thing and that he couldn't work with his rial, Captain Charisma because they have gotten into so many fights and have said so many things that it would be impossible to coexist.

Regulator and CiC still couldn't believe The Rated R Shaman of Sexy and soon brought up a possible piece of evidence. HBKF, a well known vixen of e-federations, had been contacted by the hacker and that hacker admitted to her that he did delete XWF and that she wasn't to tell anybody. This made HBKF someone with extremely important information. Rated R Shaman of Sexy, a good friend of HBKF's, told Regulator and the jury that HBKF could never be able to work with Captain Charisma and that, if she did know RRS and Captain Charisma were working together, she'd blame Captain Charisma for the whole thing and deny that Shaman did it.

On August 8th, 2008, The Rated R Shaman of Sexy convinced CiC, the man who blamed RRS of doing it, and HBKF to come clean and admit that he hadn't done it. This finally convinced Regulator that RRS was innocent and he was free of the charges pressed against him. Eventually, Y2Impact admitted to the deletion of XWF.


Aside from many other things, The Rated R Shaman of Sexy has become notorious across e-federations for his often bipolar mentality along with a fluctuating sense of frustrations. Throughout his career, RRS has gone from a tremendously talented worker to an unmotivated, unsociable, crude character in and out of the ring.

The Original RRSEdit

As a newer competitor in e-federations, RRS had some interesting qualities. For one, when promos were introduced into the system, RRS impressed many people with his original jokes and his well-acted gimmick very similar to that of Johnny Nitro when he moved from Smackdown to WWE's ECW. During these early weeks of his career, RRS acted extremely arrogant despite his limited experience and little knowledge of how e-federations like EAW worked. One of his most admirable characteristics was the fact that he was extremely active and showed interest in wanting to improve. It is this that made him such a valued competitor as well as a fast-rising extremist. However, there were also many people who disliked RRS because of a combination of his cockiness and his supposed ignorance.

The "Snapped" RRSEdit

This second gimmick Shaman had created was even more loudmouth, not caring what you said or who you were. His jokes and insults became more crude and some of his comments became less friendly. Many thought he needed to take a minute and realize what an SOB he was. Shaman created many enemies and fought many times with his rivals.In promos he would cuss excessively and rant more than promo. He would storm off every once in a while after getting angry but would usually come back.

Grandmasta SexxxayEdit

After using a gimmick with a bad attitude and an angry character, Shaman tried out a completely different style of promos and stepped into a totally new territory. He became EAW's wigger, as many would say. In the chat he'd talk smooth and jokingly, off the chat he would bust a rhyme, and on the promo page he'd rap all day and night. He was seen as a Vanilla Ice or Macho Man Randy Savage character for this short time but this was one of his more popular gimmicks.

The "Bad Attitude" RRSEdit

This gimmick that the Rated R Shaman of Sexy appeared first when his rival, Captain Charisma had said something offensive. Shaman snapped out of joking Grandmasta gimmick and went into a more serious mood. [43]RRS oftentimes took out his frustrations in matches such as this one against a fellow extremist (2008).Added by RRSDuring this period of time the fights were extremely intense many jokes said went way too far and many of Shaman's promos were unbelievably AWESOME. Fights with Charisma appeared almost 3 times a day and would last to about an hour long usually ending with one of the owners stepping in and stopping the fights. Many times Shaman appeared bipolar or intolerant of any jokes about him from CC. Many times the fights became personal and it made the feud light up as the greatest feud in the business. After the match at Pain for Pride between Charisma and Rated R Shaman of Sexy the smack talk continued and the fights lit up with even more insults that went too far. With all of the fights the owners of Extreme Answers Wrestling decided that The Rated R Shaman of Sexy should face Captain Charisma in a steel cage match. But the loser of that match would leave the brand and go to Dynasty. This caused many questions and a serious worry between all of the superstars. What would happen to the biggest feud in the business and how will it end?!

Mr. DEDEDE 2Edit

According to EAW Chairman, Ronn, Shaman was becoming a mini Mr. DEDEDE. Originally, Shaman took it as a joke but soon enough he realized that he would have to fill Mr. DEDEDE's shoes one day. He now watches DDD's ways of doing things and learns from the lessons tought by him. It is speculated that Mr. DEDEDE will retire October 30th, 2008 thus making Shaman head Showdown writer. With several other retirements being discussed, Ronn has supposedly chosen several members who in his opinion will be able to guide EAW in the right direction. Among the few was The Rated R Shaman. When he found out that Ronn was planning this he stepped up his game and decided to help the business rather than help himself.

A New RRS?Edit

After giving out spoilers for Dynasty and being fired Shaman said these words:

"Over the past couple of weeks I have made some very important decisions. Some of them voluntary and others out of reach. But I'm here today to sincerely say I'm sorry. Starting in August I was confronted with a number of situations that induced stress and eventually shortened my temper. [44]RRS in one of his final EAW appearances before being firedAdded by RRSPeople have asked to see, to talk, to be with the 'old' shaman but honestly he is out of reach. This e-federation has shaped me but it's pressure has compressed me into something I dread to be. I have changed. And this change has affected not only my career, but also, by life. My mentality is weak at the moment as is my pride. I made not only one mistake but several. I have lost my trust from everyone- my enemies and my friends. I have cheated several people of their fame and pride. But most of all I have disgraced the name of Extreme Answers Wrestling. I do regret everything I have said and everything that I have done. I sadly did prove that actions do speak louder than words. So I stand here today not asking for pity, not asking for anything not even my job back. I want to say I am sorry. No configuration of actions or words could ever express how much I truly mean it. I have hidden my doings with words and excuses but to today I say there is no word or excuse that could cover my actions. What I have done is unforgivable but by apologizing I'd like to make this situation a little lighter. Remember that I will do anything to create a better image for Extreme Answers Wrestling. What I did has burned a hole in me. I made that hole. My grandmother once said "Keep your words soft and tender because you may have to eat them tomorrow." I truly wish I had listened to her because I am eating my words right now. Good night." Wishing to change, he offered to join once again as a writer and start over. [45]RRS during one of his returns to EAW after a brief hiatus from being fired (2009).Added by RRSHe worked hard and attempted to change. As he changed, EAW did too and EOW eventually merged. Shaman didn't support the merge but tried to deal with it. When the number of noobs grew, Shaman became fed up and began getting angry but eventually realized that he should deal with his problems in a different way. He was soon named Burnout's writer but before he could write the first show, it was announced defunct and never came to be. Shaman also got everything off of his chest and told the efed world that he is actually 13 years old, not 15. His actions in those times have changed many opinions and many have been saying good things about the improvement. Mr. DEDEDE reportedly told Shaman, "You're a good kid. You have your ups and downs but one day you're gonna be just as big of a legend as I am and I want you to be bigger than that...". Mr. DEDEDE's words have, in Shaman's words, "inspired" him and has encouraged him to be the best he can be.

RRS on EdgeEdit

The Rated R Shaman was told of various mood swings and said to have dealt with a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which was causing him to act differently in the efederations he had joined. [46]RRS illustrating his frustrations during a promo in 2009.Added by RRSThis lead to small conflicts that slowly ate away at wear Shaman stood. When CM Ronn, chairman of EAW, had a computer virus and had to leave for several weeks, EAW was given a death sentence from other efederations since it seemed unlikely that EAW would survive without the Chairman. Extreme Answerz Wrestling made WWEFan Interm-Chairman, Makaveli Co-Chairman and Showdown Writer, and Shaman as Dynasty Writer. The efederation actually thrived and The Rated R Shaman eventually was given the password to the site and was made an owner. Only a week later, after the three men disagreeing on things, the password was changed and RRS wasn't given it again. Along the 2 or more months Ronn was gone Shaman made comments like "Fuck Ronn" supposedly to jokingly poke fun at the chairman. When Ronn visited the site, Mak told him that Shaman had supposedly said "Fuck Ronn" seriously which in turn had Shaman stripped of his ownership. A week later when Shaman fought with Mak about the incident of him telling Ronn incorrect information, Shaman threatened to give spoilers to show WWEFan, then Interm-Chairman, an example of how Mak might react. Shaman was already upset that Mak had given a Dynasty spoiler (that WWEFan would be drafted to that brand) and told the chatroom that he would tell anyone who would be the next EAW Hardcore Undiputed champion (Showdown's World Title) if they private chatted him. Shaman was immediately fired by Makaveli and wasn't rehired until days later. He was not given back his writing job and is yet to stop fighting for what he thinks he deserves. He was given the Edge gimmick and picture base he wanted and is planning on changing his ways and putting aside his stress. Weeks later, Mak's disgust for RRS worsned and eventually, Mak snapped at RRS and fired him from EAW. Shaman moved to XWF but was said "yet to have changed" as he's said.

Rated R for "Rebellion"Edit

After the confrontation with EAW Management for yet another time, RRS moved to XWF where he became an owner and writer for the establishment. During this time, RRS won a few tag team championships and was regarded as one of XWF's "cover-boys". [47]RRS, enraged and frustrated, during an EAW House Show in 2009.Added by RRSWith the departure of RRS from EAW, other semi-highly regarded superstars like Regulator and Bobby Ca$h resigned from the e-federation and moved to XWF. This caused a mini-war between XWF and EAW, especially due to the match altercations that had to be completed in order to keep the grand-show, Pain for Pride II, alive and able to happen on the set date. Due to these altercations, superstars like Extreme Enigma won matches that they were not originally intended to win. It is rumored that RRS was set to win the Grand Rampage before he was taken out for issues with management and then set to win the Cash in the Vault Ladder Match at Pain for Pride II before he was fired due to the conflict with then EAW Owner, Mak. During this period of rebellion, RRS' pictures were leaked to EAW through WWEFan. WWEFan, being a friend of Mak's, showed the pictures of RRS to Mak who, in turn, posted the picture and a screen-shot of an instant messaging conversation of RRS explaining to Mak that he was sorry for what he did. [48]RRS as a strongly disliked heel (2009).Added by RRSInside this blog, a written explanation was put below the pictures and talked lowly of RRS. During this time, members of EAW commented while RRS was away from his computer and on vacation in Lake Tahoe, California, adding to the controversy. This blog sparked the use of EAW Forums which would soon thereafter become a trending topic on EAW. When RRS returned from his vacation a week later, he wrote a reflection on the past controversies with EAW and XWF. This period of RRS' career is considered the epicenter of controversy for RRS.

The ReturnEdit

After a long break from EAW and the death of XWF, RRS returned back to EAW under the alias of "DMS" in order to witness Pain for Pride. "It was dissappointing to see how much EAW has dropped without some of the guys there," RRS had said regarding the event. Soon enough he returned as RRS and eventually entered sporadic feuds which did not interest him. The motivation level had severly dropped for Shaman and he did not have a good start to his career. Only two months after he rejoined, he retired from efeds as RRS. Soon after, Saint Anger joined EAW as Impact's mystery partner on a Showdown in which Saint Anger and Impact won against former tag champions Dark Emperor and Kevin Devastation.

The StreakEdit

Saint Anger became the dominating force in EAW, posting the longest promos ever with the most intense subjects and advanced writing style. He was in the top three top promoers and regarded as the hardest working extremist in EAW. In turn he began a winning streak, heading towards surpassing MvM's previous streak of twenty consecutive victories. At the Grand Rampage, his streak was ended when he lost to former tag team partner, Y2Impact after interferences from Generation Genesis members, Hurricane Hawk and Lethal Consequences. His record of twenty-nine consecutive wins still stands as a record for any extremist in EAW History. However, Saint Anger is generally known as being a failure in scripts because of his strange character composition and dark, awkward disposition. Because of this aspect of failure, RRS grew more frustrated with his career and considered leaving once again from EAW or even possibly retiring. That decision could have easily ended any hopes of becoming an EAW Hall of Famer in the future or even a world champion once again.

The WaitEdit

In this phase of his career, he had begun to resurrect his career and get back into the main-event scene. This began mainly when he returned with the RRS character in late 2010 and won the National Extreme Championship at Midsummer Massacre. [49]RRS during an episode of Showdown (2011)Added by RRSAfter an impressive win-streak and a successful reign with the National Extreme Championship, RRS was moved to the Showdown brand once again to compete. There, he was soon placed in an important role: keeping the Showdown Elimination Chamber booked. After being successful there, RRS nearly won the World Heavyweight Championship in the Extreme Elimination Chamber after successfully pinning then-champion, Y2Impact, but then being pinned by H-R-D-O. Following this, RRS continued to push for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. He received on shot after Y2Impact became injured and was unable to compete in his No Regards match. However, RRS was not able to win the world championship and soon began to decline once again.

Although RRS has seen much more success in six months as opposed to his success in the prior two years, he still wishes to achieve the ultimate goal of standing on top of EAW once again. He has accomplished many feats since his return, but has constantly threatened to retire after he begins to decline once again like he did in 2009 and 2010.

Return to the World Championship PictureEdit

Although RRS was part of the world championship picture since late 2010, RRS won a number one contendership match against his tag team partner, Robbie V, and was eventually able to defeat Hurricane Hawk for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. With this victory, RRS was able to make himself tied for the most individual reigns of the EAW World Heavyweight Championship with three reigns. Also, RRS became a double champion for the first time in his career since he held both the EAW Unified Tag Team Championsips along with his third EAW World Heavyweight Championship. Being the EAW World Heavyweight Champion, RRS was also put into the Pain 4 Pride Main Event match against Robbie V after purposely losing his match against Dynasty vs. Showdown: Triple Threat.

In EfederationsEdit


Signature Moves
  • Standing Moonsault
  • Sharpshooter
  • Lionsault
  • Missile Dropkick
  • Dropkick
  • Cult Mutilation
  • Canadian Back Rack Piledriver
  • Diving Legdrop
  • Blackout (Shiranui Kai)
  • Assault Driver
  • C4
  • Sic Kick (Superkick)
  • Dancing Legdrop
  • Springboard Moonsault
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Spinning Wheel Kick
  • Hurricanrana
  • Downward Spiral (Leg Hook Reverse STO)
  • Tornado Plancha
  • One Man Con-chair-to
  • Spear
  • Corkscrew Neckbreaker
  • Stigmata (Corkscrew Moonsault)
  • Kanadian Killa (Top Rope Canadian Destroyer)
  • Standing C4



  • "The Guru of Greatness"
  • "The Maharishi of Manhood"
  • "The Honcho of Hottness"
  • "The Shogun of Seduction"
  • "The Shaman of Sexy"
  • "The Rated R Superstar"
  • "The Porthole to the Infinite"
  • "The Saturday Night Delight"
  • "The Hardcore Headliner"
  • "The Hardcore Holy-Man"
  • "The Manipulative Messiah"
  • "The Prince of Parkour"
  • "The Real Deal of Sex Appeal"


  • Sabina(July-December 2008)
  • Y2Impact(October 2009-May 2010)
  • Robbie V(November 2010-June 2011)


Theme Music

  • "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed
  • "Ain't No Make Believe"
  • "Never Gonna Get it" by Akon
  • "Dead Memories" by Slipknot
  • "Walk" by Pantera
  • "Hate Me Now" by Nas
  • "Freak on a Leash" by KoRn (as Saint Anger)
  • "5150" by James Carroll (as Saint Anger)

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

Answers Championship Wrestling
  • ACW Corruption World Championship (2 times)
  • ACW Hardcore Championship (2 times)
Answers Championship Wrestling Federation
  • ACWF ACW World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
Answers Wrestling Federation 2.0
  • AWF 2.0 World Championship (1 time)
  • AWF 2.0 World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Nick
Classic Wrestling Association
  • CWA Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Y2Impact
Extreme Answers Wrestling
  • EAW World Heavyweight Championship (3 times, current)
  • EAW Hardcore Championship (3 times)
  • EAW National Extreme Championship (1 time)
  • EAW World Tag Team Championship (2 times--Part of Unified Tag Championships) - with Robbie V (1) and Y2Impact (1)
  • EAW Tag Team Championship(2 times--Part of Unified Tag Championships) - with Robbie V (1) and Y2Impact (1)
  • EAW Triple Crown Winner
  • EAW Grand Slam Champion
  • EAW Hall of Fame (Class of 2011)
  • Longest Winning Streak in EAW History(29-0)
  • EAW Showdown Extremist of the Year Award (2008)
  • EAW Breakout Superstar of the Year Award (2008)
  • EAW Best Feud Award (2008--with Captain Charisma)
  • EAW Match of the Year Award (2008--vs. Captain Charisma at Pain for Pride)
  • EAW Extremist of the Year (2008--Nominated)
  • EAW Fastest Rising Superstar (2008--Nominated)
  • EAW Best Hardcore Champion (2008--Nominated)
  • EAW Promoer of the Year (2010)
  • EAW Return of the Year (2010)
  • EAW Extreme Moment of the Year (2010--vs. Captain Charisma at Territorial Invasion II)
  • EAW Tag Team of the Year (2010--Order of the Angels)
  • EAW Most Valuable Extremist Award (Edition 23, 51, 52, 63, 65)
  • EAW Champion(s) of the Week Award (Edition 25, 64)
  • EAW Most Valuable Promoer Award (Edition 17, 41, 42, 43, 45, 46, 47, 50, 52, 59, 65, 66, )
  • EAW "Beef of the Week" Award (Edition 17, 20, 25, 27, 44, 45, 52, 54, 66)
  • EAW Match of the Week Award (Edition 18, 23, 26, 27, 32, 45, 49, 51, 52, 55, 65, 66)
  • EAW Rising Star Award (Edition 22)
  • Showdown Writer (1 time)
  • Dynasty Writer (3 times)
  • Burnout Writer (1 time)
  • Turbo Co-Writer (1 time)
  • Head of EAWGFX (2010-Present)
Extreme Online Wrestling
  • EOW World Championship (1 time)
Extreme Hardcore Wrestling
  • EHW Hardcore Championship (3 times)
Midnight Championship Wrestling
  • MCW World Championship (1 time)
  • MCW Mixed Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Sabina
  • MCW Hardcore Championship (1 time)
  • First MCW Triple Crown Winner
Rated Xtreme Wrestling
  • RXW Hardcore Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
Rising Star Wrestling
  • RSW World Championship (1 time)
The Truth Of Wrestling
  • TTOW SNT World Championship (1 time)
  • TTOW TNT World Championship (1 time)
  • TTOW Undisputed Championship (1 time)
  • TTOW SNT Tag Team Championship (2 times) - with Ozz (1) and Cena29 (1)
  • TTOW TNT Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Ozz
World Wrestling Alliance
  • WWA World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • WWA Pure Championship (1 time)
  • WWA World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with MvM
  • WWA Writer (1 Time)
World Wrestling Entertainment Chat
  • WWEC World Championship (6 times)
  • WWEC US Championship (2 times)
  • WWEC Hardcore Championship (4 times)
  • WWEC European Championship (3 times)
  • WWEC Tag Team Championship (2 times) - with CM Ronn (1) and Nick (1)
Wrestling Fans Forever
  • WFF Tag Team Championship (1 time)
Xtreme Wrestling Federation
  • XWF Undisputed Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • XWF World Championship (1 time)
  • XWF World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • XWF Mixed Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with HBKF
  • XWF Hardcore Championship (2 times)
  • XWF 24/7 Championship (2 times)
  • XWF United States Championship (1 times)
  • XWF Tag Team Championship (2 times) - with MaK (1) and Cena29 (1)
  • XWF Triple Crown Winner
  • XWF Grandslam Champion
  • XWF Hall of Famer (2009)
  • SNA Writer (1 time)
  • Resistance Writer (1 time)
What The F*ck Wrestling
  • WTFW World Championship (3 times)
  • WTFW Master Jackoff Championship (2 times)
  • WTFW XXX Division Championship (2 times)


•RRS was born in the same hospital as former WWE/WWF superstar and actor, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

•RRS is the oldest of three children.

•RRS is related to the first Hawaiian King, Kamehameha I (United the Hawaiian Islands)

•RRS is the only e-fed wrestler in the history of Yahoo Answers to hold an ACW, EAW, XWF, EHW and WWEC Hardcore Title in his career

•RRS is the only efed wrestler in the history of Yahoo Answers to hold an ACW Hardcore Championship and an EAW Hardcore Championship at the same time

•RRS is a Triple-Double Champion (Has held 10 World, 10 2nd Tier, and 10 Tag Titles in his efed career)

•RRS is an XWF Original and participated in the first main event to win the Inter-Gender Tag Titles

•RRS had the shortest title match in EAW history, 3 seconds, after losing to Game thanks to an interference by Captain Charisma

•RRS vs. CC was voted "Show Stealer of Pain for Pride"

•The RRS vs. CC feud lasted over 7 months and was filled with breath taking fights, rants, extreme promos, and some of the best insults in e-federations.

•The Rated R Shaman of Sexy is known as the fastest rising WWEC star and has held all of the titles he can win on that e-federation.

•RRS was originally going to use the ring-name "Truble" (pronounced Trouble).

•RRS is undefeated in The Glass Walls Match (6-0) defeating Chico, MVP, and CC for the Hardcore Championship in Glass Walls I, CC for brand supremacy in Glass Walls II, Y2Impact for the World Heavyweight Championship in Glass Walls III, Collin in RXW, The Dark Emperor for brand supremacy in Glass Walls IV, and Regulator in Glass Walls VI.

•RRS was the first, and only, EAW extremist to win awards in all Most Valuable Extremist Categories.

•RRS's longest promo was 37,748 words as St. Anger and 3,065 words as RRS. Both were made in EAW.

•RRS holds the record for most championship wins in EAW without a successful championship defense (13).