''The Heart Break Boy'' Michael Rush (Born September 5th, 1992) better known as the HBB or Mike is a White-Hispanic American. He performs in Efederation(s) Extreme Answerz Wrestling (EAW) and LEGION . In EAW he's best known to work on the Showdown Brand but as of now he's currently apart of the Dynasty Roster. The Heart Break Boy is one of the senior efeders along with others such as Mr DEDEDE, HRDO, CM Bank$, Jaywalker, Y2Impact, Regulator, Rated R Shaman of Sexy and more. Some of his known nicknames are The Golden Boy, The Prince, The Showstoppa, The Headliner and Main Event. He sometimes proclaims himself as the King of Efeds all because he won all main world championships in Efeds such as EAW, ACW, XWF, AWA, EHW, CWF and many more. He is currently, an 28 Time EFed World Champion. A very influential guy as well. He has been in many major stables such as Degeneration Mafia with Lioncross, Avalanche and Eve. He has also been apart of it in tag team form with his best friend, Regulator. He was also apart of the most famous ACW Stable, HAC with cena29 and Alexa. He first became joining Efeds in the year of early September of 2007 and never looked back, he was one of the greatest Yahoo Answers Users and had a great population of popularity for a time period but lost it thanks to his passion for sticking with Efeds.

Start of a Golden CareerEdit

The Heart Break Boy first started off his career with Y!A Answers which brought him into the world of Efeds. The way he came into Answers though, was kinda awkward as he came in because of the question Cena or HBK? when randomly lurking through Yahoo. He then clicked on the question and didn't like some response so he quickly made himself an account and began answering even more and more questions, People began to praise HBB and with his ego at the time, HBB continued to stay connected with answers. As he continued HBB gained much popularity with those such as Koumidiator, Heart Break Gal, Mr.Kennedy's #1 Fan, Book of Wrestling etc. He was engaged in many user vs user questions and was very influential to others. Still answering many questions, He then saw questions about the Efed tensions between ACW and AWF. He clicked on the link to AWF in one question which brought him into the chat but as he entered, EFed Legend, Mr DEDEDE kicked him out which lead HBB to joining ACW then afterwards joining with All Wrestling Alliance which his former mentor and friend, Showtime recruited him thus starting off the Golden Career of the Heart Break Boy.


All Wrestling Alliance Edit

The Heart Break Boy first passion of Efeds was All Wrestling Alliance created by Showtime and The Book of Wrestling which where he had his first Efed match against former efedder, Shiv which was his first efed victory in a voting poll and it was very highly popular at the time. AWA at the time wasn't the best efed at the time because of AWF and ACW but it was getting there in popularity, HBB has so much fun within the fed with many users like Koumidiator, Showtime, Tyler A, Masters, CGC, Mel J, Jaden, Curious Girl, Kenny, Killswitch, HiG, Hollywood, Legend Killer, Animal Luvr, HBG and Man in the Box just to name a bunch. After a few months perhaps AWA was the best efed out there because of the departure of AWF and troubles lingering in ACW. HBB wasnt as much popular then because of the vast amount of great users but he did try hard to get in there as he created his own Efed NWA, however wasn't going well but he wrote great shows that Showtime approached HBB with an offer to bring NWA into AWA and HBB quickly accepted thus making NWA another brand of AWA. HBB became a writer for AWA and was the longest running writer of AWA and he helped AWA in battles against TWL when BOW left AWA to team up with Kjors and Shane101. HBB gained many titles in AWA however, The NWATNA Tag Team Championship with CM Ronn, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, The AWA Tag Team Titles, AWA Destruction Championship, AWA IC Championship, AWA Carnage
Championship, AWA Undisputed Championship, AWA World Heavyweight Championship. HBB could be considered AWA's greatest star along with the heart of AWA, Koumidiator which was HBB's greatest rival in AWA, Koumidiator held a 8 month World Heavyweight Title Reign but when facing HBB for the second time, HBB ended the streak thanks to Showtime interfering and the referee helping out a little bit and people quickly began to call it the St.Louis Screwjob, throughout those times he continued to have great fueds with Tyler A, Gage Smith, Hollywood etc. As HBB sees it he has always liked being known as an AWA Original. But however problems did occur in AWA and it started with BOW merging his efed, TWL with AWA after AWA had conquered some of their problems at the time after MITB and Koumidiator were running things for a while, it all started with TWL One Night Stand where most of the people who had matches were AWA stars, not TWL stars and many of TWL people quit because of it, but the event went well as BOW defeated HBB and Koum to win the title, then though BOW left Showtime hanging with AWA and a lot of people quit because of BOW's rant over at ACW(Most of AWA's roster were from ACW) and causing AWA to die down a lot. After a few months, the chatroom became ghost town but the promos were still rocking, and eventually HBB won the AWA Championship but HBB lost a lot of passion for AWA because no one showed up to the chat and the chat to him made everything fun for him so HBB became less active but he continued to win titles as being inactive, and became AWA's First Ever Grandslam Champion... Showtime gave up on Efeds afterward but giving AWA to Glacial and he did very well for AWA, Glacial gave HBB a wake up call by making him job in a match for 20 seconds thus making a statement to HBB. HBB understood and became more active at the time and winning the AWA Title once again later... But however soon it was time for AWA to call it quits as it legacy shall live on.

Answers Championship WrestlingEdit

ACW, HBB's second passion in Efeds, during the time were HBB was less active in AWA, he began getting involved more and more into ACW, the first Efed he had joined. HBB started off in singles matches in ACW and eventually became one of the best midcarders in ACW while they still had their problems with AWF, HBB helped spam the guestbook and stuff went he followed Master of Puppets, the creator of ACW. But soon awhile, HBB stopped and then ended up joining AWF where he competed in it's last show against Muhammad Hassan and he won, afterward AWF closed down and many AWF came in ACW but didn't last very long but however the process pretty much left HBB out of matches in ACW and he became more dedicated in AWA. Soon EAW was created, and then ACW Vs EAW War began. HBB came back more active for ACW and he started back off in the mid cards, then mainevents where he battled RZtme, Jake Impact and Koumidiator for the ACW World Championship but HBB didn't prevail in any of the contests. But, one conest he did prevail in, the ACW Writers contest and became the GM and Writer of Corruption. Corruption not only gave him his first well deserved Championship but his first World Championship in ACW, afterward HBB started maineventing and headlining FPV's for ACW, when the war between EAW died out, that's when ACW had problems within the efed, mainly because of most stars angry with laziness from the owner, Curious Girl and Kennedy's#1 Fan. As the problems kept rising, HBB tried his best to keep ACW alive, Corruption was the BIGGEST brand when he did work for himself, he was also apart of the BIGGEST stable in his mind, HAC consisting of himself, cena29 and Alexa, cena29 was the face of ACW at the point and Alexa was a top diva, probably the most dominant of them all in ACW, even bigger than the New Breed. After a while, Curious Girl(ACW Chairwoman) thought it would be better to have just one brand, meaning taking away the top brand at the time so we could keep Chaos just because of it's history, HBB agreed and soon things went well. But many still thought Ken and CG were still inconsistent so they pushed HBB to quit and HBB was a bit angry with everyone wanting to quit, with all the things he have done for ACW but he did it anyway causing for other major stars to quit a long with him such as Mickie Lee, Viva La CCage, Tyler A, Regulator, cena29 and Alexa. This leaving CG and Ken with no choice to have it's last show but it never happened. After a year or so, HBB being known as an EFed Legend now, he wanted to make something big happen, he wanted to venture his past, he wasn't sure but he brought ACW back along with Regulator but of course HBB came up with the idea and he himself talked with MOP about it first then Curious Girl and they approved it, he still wasn't sure because of ACW being involved with EAW but they were cool with it, HBB wrote ACW's first show in nearly over 2 years and it was a chat success... but after that, it was the end as things kept slowing down but HBB did bring in old faces as he promised like CG showing back up, Viva popping up, Jake coming back, MOP returning, Koumidiator showing his face and even Legend Killer. But it ultimately gave the motivation back to Killswitch to become active in Efeds again. But things slowed down and HBB's computer exploded, many thought that ACW has failed yet again but they were wrong. HBB went to Carlos and DT about merging ACWF. After a few suggestions they went a long with it, Regulator also was apart of the plan, as was Killswitch. Soon later Efeds were interesting to ALL again as it was the jump start of Answers Championship Wrestling(ACWF).

Extreme Answerz Wrestling Edit

One of the toughest EFeds that HBB has ever competed in, HBB's career didn't start off like any would expect in EAW as he debuted in first match against Hey Yo Chico and lost. But however there are some excuses because HBB wasn't exactly the most active in EAW to say the least being because he was more into ACW. But making his first promo in AWA, he then had the feel to expand his legacy everywhere he went, so he made a promo in EAW and it kept storming in. HBB was involved in a stable consisting of HBG, DSS, MVP and HBKF at the first start of his career in EAW, but quickly departed because of MVP's jealousy. HBB later on mainevented many of matches on Showdown where he was most active on, he had special events with Mr.DEDEDE and Tyler as such. He was partnered with EAW Legend and Hall of Famer, Masters at points to be known as Degeneration X. Later on he broke apart of Masters and began his own turn by trying to become EAW Champion but failed numerous times by losing to Tyler and King Kjors over again. HBB did whatever he could do to win the title and even telling EAW Management the plans of Kjors burning the EAW Championship before hand but they didn't listen and it happened.
HBB still didn't capture the title but instead fought in the CITV Match where he was very hyped up for but shockingly lost to WWEFan who wasn't thought to be in the conversation of winning it, but HBB gained a lot of power by choosing his next feuds and such and he ended up battling WWEFan over and over and finally at that point he got his match against Fan at Midsummer Massacre for the CITV but HBB didn't come through, he thought it would be better if he just stuck with one EFed, ACW. He resigned from ACW and then went on vacation for a while, as he came back to find out he lost his match at MSM under 5 seconds to WWEFan, HBB was furious enough as he made a EAW Sucks Video' about EAW jokingly involving some racism, homosexual stunts, fat chicks and hobos. Someone posted the video on the promo page making EAW a bit angry, HBB didn't mean for it to get out like that but it did and some say they found it as corny but it obvious wasn't seeing EAW re-countering back with ACW Sucks Freewebs page, and also there was an ACW Sucks Video made once before. HBB did apologize for it as it seems to had tensions rise even more between ACW and EAW, then he rejoined EAW eventually and tried to become active but didn't get anywhere really, all because of that past stunt. HBB went inactive for a while until he visited the chat soon after Mak gained control of EAW while Ronn was gone, and HBB made good conversation with Mak which lead to him getting another chance in EAW by performing on Turbo where he had classic matches with EOE. Afterward, HBB won his first EAW Title by defeating LC and destroying the history of the EAW Undisputed Championship by taking away the Hardcore Title. HBB took apart of some of the biggest feuds in EAW History, one being with Mak at Reasonable Doubt which gave him a huge boost in his career with EAW. Then having classic battles with DEDEDE during the ACW Vs EAW Storyline, Jaywalker, Y2Impact and Mister K. After Pain 4 Pride 2, HBB was announced Showdown's new GM where it all started after the ACW Vs EAW Storyline which he helped lead ACW to a victory. He began his hunt once again for EAW World Gold but he did however capture the Interbranded Championship, not once but twice. becoming the only one to win it twice but he wanted something even bigger and at King of Extreme, his boyhood dream came true and after 2 years, he finally gained something he thought he should have had a long time ago. HBB quickly became one of the most active promoers in EAW, promoing constantly with the biggest promo wars with guys like Impact, Bank$ and Jaywalker and doing it all by himself. Soon though his dreams will come to an end as CM Bank$ took the title off of HBB at Reasonable Doubt II. HBB's EAW World Championship reign was one to remember for him as he did his best as a champion and for EAW. Later on HBB would go on to have a classic fued with Robbie V at Pain 4 Pride III where he defeated him in a show stealing match but before the event, HBB had the honor to be inducted in the EAW Hall of Fame. Mainly because of his dedications to EAW which he respects. HBB is currently apart on the Dynasty Roster after being drafted the night after Pain 4 Pride III. He just got off a match at MSM, going up against HRDO and now he's teaming up with HRDO to take on Carlos and his tactics about destroying EAW's ways of extreme.
His match before the special event, Territorial Invasion was against Generation Genesis which ended in a no result and turned out to be a huge brawl at the end of the show. He will team up with HRDO, Regulator, Matt Ryder, Vic Vendetta to go against Carlos, SG2, Sick Drake Blake, Starr and Speedy to fight for EAW at Territorial Invasion this coming Saturday.

Xtreme Wrestling FederationEdit

In XWF, HBB didn't have to do much to get into the mainevents since being very big the time he joined once it opened, but he didn't know how big the EFed was going to be until he stuck around thanks to the creator and best friend Regulator. HBB was the first ever Triple Crown Champion in XWF and Grandslam Champion. He had no problems whatsoever in XWF and he eventually did become XWF World Champion by defeating 3nails at Xtremeamania. HBB was voted for the biggest heel, XWF star of the year during his times there and after his departure from ACW he soon joined the XWF staff and became a writer there for about a year. He helped write all brands such as Resistance, NWA and the one he created, Saturday Night Attitude. But soon XWF was closed because of Regulator's becoming exhausted of running the efed but then reopened again but soon after a few months got closed again because Regulator wanted a fresh start with CWA. But it all didn't come together as he closed that too but XWF will forever be one of the greatest EFeds ever in HBB's mind as he has helped it much and his best friend Regulator will be considered one of the greatest chairman's in history.

Classic Wrestling FederationEdit

File:Shawn Michaels by MagicDegen.jpg
HBB to this day wouldn't have thought he would ever become CWF World Champion but he has. A long journey though as of CWF he was never active but until he told Carlos that he wanted to become active, Carlos gave him something interesting. HBB had to promo up against Hannah Hardy, very classic to him as he won his first CWF Title against her, being Junior Heavyweight Champion and then HBB became more and more active, then battling CC Storm but losing the title to him afterward and then it was time for the big leagues. HBB battled Bottomline constantly and then eventually defeated him and Naitch for the North American Championship. He later on lost it to AK 28. HBB was mainly Heel in his whole career with CWF, he was probably the biggest heel yet in CWF, he destroyed careers, and united fueds. one of his biggest fueds was against Donovan T were he ended his career. But he had some help, himself, Lioncross, Avalanche and Eve( His Cyber GF at the time ) were all apart of what they call Degeneration Mafia. One of the biggest heel stables in CWF History. they teamed up with Success and the VIP's to take over CWF but eventually failed as Success and HBB disagreement during their match for the CWF World Championship against Carlos. But Later om after Avalanche and Eve departed from CWF, leaving HBB and LC by themselves. LC wanted to leave on his own but HBB thought differ and kept bossing him around, so they battled it out at Heat Wave where HBB defeated LC making LC his forever and ever personal manager. HBB continued to boss LC around and later on had LC help him gain the CWF World Heavyweight Championship. HBB became the youngest to win the title. But later on at the Wrestling Classic, lost it to LC but then got payback by injuring LC and causing for him to lose it to Amdrag... Afterwards soon enough HBB found god, he turned face for the first time in CWF History. And he turned face leading into the merge between both CWF and ACW...

Phoenix Championship Wrestling (Answers Championship Wrestling Federation) Edit

ACWF is one of the biggest EFeds today which HBB helped build, he currently helps write for ACWF and one it's brands called Chaos, He mainevented Chaos' first event against Lioncross, his former Tag Partner/Manager in CWF but however after the match is won by HBB, he then turns on LC thus killing his face gimmick and tuning back into a heel where he is influenced mainly by Dragon Ball Z anime character, Vegeta. HBB has mainevented most of the matches for Chaos thus far and he has won many big matches and now he's teaming up with Regulator at the ACWF Challenge Cup with all main efeds being involved. HBB will be on Team XWF as co leader with Regulator. But things have changed, since on Chaos after their lost against Superior Quality and Lioncross, The Heart Break Boy superkicked Regulator because he felt that Regulator has failed him. Now both men will be in the same ring with each other going at it along with Kevin Devastation at Thirst For Vengaence. He's currently set now before the event to team with both KD and Reg to face the Cool Cats on Chaos. ACWF has currently changed it's name to Phoenix Championship Wrestling due to the fact, that former ACWF star and champion, RRS hacked into the site and dished out various demands to cure all his pain and suffering. But however, Regulator was able to get the password from RRS back and keep ACWF back rolling, but now theirs a new life for ACWF went lead to the name change.

Other EFedsEdit

Other Efeds that HBB has taken apart of were NWA, TTOW, EHW, WFF and others. In TTOW, HBB became World Champion by defeating Koumidiator. He continued to main event there thanks to the creator, Y2Impact, and later on he merged with the fed but it closed down. In EHW, HBB was a 3 Time European Champion and a former World Champion. He later on got inducted into it's Hall of Fame. In Wrestling Fans Forever, he helped write along with The Heart Break Gal and he became champion at it's last show, which he and HBG planned out which was a tribute to Mr.Kennedy's #1 Fan for revolutionizing efeds with the poll system. Other mentions are UAW, UWF, and OWA where he also became World Champion in all 3 of them. HBB is also notified as a TWL Original but never got a chance to make his mark due to the TWL-AWA feud.


Very Influential Efeder, HBB is such as. He has influenced a lot guys such as Y2Impact, Hurricane Hawk, Regulator, Eve, Lochy Mckenzie and many more. He also is given a little credit for helping Y2Impact break into the mainevent scene in EFeds. HBB is considered one of the greatest efeder of all times a long with Mr.DEDEDE, Big Legend in many eyes and he can use his career to help a lot of others which he would love to do because he's such a nice and beloved kinda of guy. The Heart Break Boy's special reflection always travels through people's system and much of the thing he strives to do, people would love to see or use for their purposes. Some of his influences though would have to be his idol, The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels and his favorite music artist, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Wrestling Style Edit

HBB's wrestling style is pretty much all around. He is a showstealing, spotlight hogger. His forms of abilites are mixs of pure wrestling and extreme wrestling. He is very known for using the words Now Hit My Music at the end of his promos, during his early days and he is known to hype of many matches by his promo skill, in some efeds he's has many styles. He usually never curses in his EAW promos, he tries to keep on guard whenever promoing against an opponent, he always uses his accolades in a way to show his hard work and potential to efeds who or don't know him very much. His promos in ACWF were usually put into movie scene wise, as HBB has stated in a past interview; If it isn't fit for a movie scene then you won't see the Heart Break Boy posting anything on the promo page. His primary moves are of course Sweet Chin Music and rarely does he use the career ending move invented by Randy Orton, The Heart of Doom( Orton's Punt Kick ) This move has injured or career ended guys such as CC Storm, Lioncross, and Donovan T.

Cyber Life Edit

The Heart Break Boy has many friends inside of efeds, ones such as Regulator (His Best Friend), Killswitch (A Close Friend), Eve (Close friend and former cyber girlfriend), cena29 (Friend) and many more. His first time coming into efeds, the very first efedder he spoke to was Master of Puppets. But however the very first friend he made was CM Ronn. Ronn tried recruiting HBB to come to AWF, HBB eventually did a while after but during the time he tried recruiting him, they did actually become very cool with one another. HBB is famous for spamming chats back in AWA days where he, AWA creator, Showtime and few more would travel around all the xat chats and spam them or impersonate a celebrity for a few laughs. The Heart Break Boy is a very good jokester when he's in the mood for it and he has showed it in efeds such as AWA, XWF and ACW. He usually came onto chats with HBK avatars all the time in his early days but now he usually still has HBK but with others such as Michael Jackson, Optimus Prime, Vegeta or Kanye West. He mainly goes to EAW Chatroom nowadays and often EAW. HBB is notorious for the efed girlfriends, he has dated Jaden, Mel J, Eve, Stephy and HBKLuver. Recently though he has shown regret for cyber dating and he has agreed to himself to NEVER to do it again as he has grown to an age where he rather date girls in real life rather than over the internet. Also note, The Heart Break Gal is HBB off camera and on camera sister.

EFed ControversyEdit

Their has always been one moment in every efedders career, where they had some controversy and even though The Heart Break Boy is seen as such a nice guy, he has been in a lot of controversy. The Heart Break Boy's first controversy came in AWA, when himself and Tyler A where going head to head for a writing GM spot for OEF. They had a poll battle and the winner would be named General Manager. The polls were closed but the poll systems at the time were always unconsisent, as it showed on HBB's computer, he won but on Tyler's, it was tied. HBB closed the polls anyways and declared himself the victor. He and Tyler argued about it in the chat for hours until it eventually all ended with HBB and Tyler just agreeing that it ended in a tie. But, HBB back then was such an asshole, he told everyone who didn't know that he won and Showtime named him the GM. This which pissed off Tyler and sent him running to TWL and telling people how much of an asshole HBB is, and he then pointed out all of his lies as well. Tyler then has alwayed hated the Heart Break Boy and never wanted to be in the same chat as HBB. It all died down of course after the years. More EFed controversy arosed in HBB's career when he was dating Jaden, HBB was invited into her chat when he first met former efedder, Jake Impact. HBB didn't know Jake so he was making fun of him and throwing out insults toward his direction, Jake took it seriously and started talking about HBB behind his back and everytime during a show, Jake would make fun of HBB. This would lead to a huge fight in AWA's chat. It all ended soon as they became friends soon after. Other EFed controversy was going on against TWL, everytime when HBB would enter the chat, Shane101 or Kjors would dish out a AWA insult while he's there, and not bothering anyone. This would end due to HBB firing back with insults at Kjors and always talking about Shane in his promos.
HBB would always job after that and even when he tried to promo there, they would be deleted immediately. His next controversy was of course between him and EAW, when he decided to resign with EAW, he jobbed in a match with WWEFan which led to HBB making a EAW Sucks Video".. This video to HBB, pretty much ignited the war between the two but ended slowly as ACW problems occured. Which brings the next controversy where HBB was a HUGE part of the ACW industry but decided to quit, all because of the disliking of Ken and CG's relationship ruining ACW's legacy. They all have a argument over the ACW promos about the situation and never talked to each other until after a while it wasn't a very big deal. Other notable controvesy HBB's has had was with Eve and himself breaking up, after being together for so long. Eve hated HBB a lot but now everything is pretty much back to normal with these two. The Heart Break Boy has been in various arguments with Regulator, usually jokingly but around the time the NEW ACW was born, The Heart Break Boy is resposible for bringing in the BOT's to chats. Regulator didn't like it but everyone else enjoyed them so HBB kept it until Regulator kicked it out of the chat, him and HBB argued about it then usually died down, the next morning, HBB heard that Regulator banned everyone just for making jokes pointed at him. HBB quickly reset the chat making Regulator just an owner, thus making Regulator mad and he quit. HBB and Regulator aruged over Y!M and then decided that their best friendship were over. But soon afterwards, HBB texted Regulator and both became friends again after a good converisation. The Heart Break Boy nowadays will never plead to engage in any EFed fights or controvesy because as he sees it, "EFeds are for fun, nothing serious, If it's serious to you then you really will need a life"


The Heart Break Boy's legacy has grown from ever since he started off, he has never taken breaks, or quited anything he has done in Efeds which should be realized by many efedders. He is the only one to win all main World Championships in AWA, EAW, CWF, ACW, EHW, XWF. He has helped many companies with writing, putting over younger guys and giving out advice which he still does today. His legacy should be one to hold on to, he has also been inducted into numerous Hall of Fame's. His Yahoo Answers history will also play a huge part into his legacy. HBB is someone you can always count on to get the job done. He can turn a feud which everyone wouldn't even care for, into a feud you would want to see over again, again and again. Any special event in efeds that you hadn't seen, you can always count on that the Heart Break Boy has been in it. He has always wanted to have as much attention as possible just so people can learn from their mistakes. HBB's legacy may be slowly ending as he has entered the vocal point of his career. Almost a 4 year Efedder, and planning on to attend college, and have jobs. When that time comes, the Heart Break Boy will surely be missed. The Heart Break Boy plans on making himself a book put on his website to show case all of his fabolous adventures in efeds. And with it, The Heart Break Boy will officially be making his very last video as it is a fact, he has made over 100 Videos on youtube... The Heart Break Boy calls all of his videos "A Legend's Picture"... As if you look at all of his videos from day one, they upgrade as they add up. HBB's video's are history. They will be something you look back on when you call it quits and leave efeds. HBB's book will be entitled the name in which he calls all of his videos... "The Heart of a Legend". No due date is claimed yet since the Heart Break Boy still hasn't decided the date he will retire.

First World Championship Victories:Edit

HBB's personal favorite first title victory was against Mister K, He defeated MK with Sweet Chin Music at the FPV, King of Extreme which he calls "the best victory I have ever had". His first reign in AWA was against Koumidiator. Koumidiator defeated HBB the first time after HBB's betrayal of Koumidiator and his stable "Nightmares of Darkness". The stable was original consisted of Koumidiator, Legend Killer and Naitch but Naitch was gone at the time and they needed another guy, HBB agreed to join but only to stab Koumidiator in the back to get himself a world title shot which HBB won against Koumidiator on an addition of Destruction in HBB's home state at the time, St. Louis Missouri. HBB's first title reign in CWF came with the help of Lioncross, he help HBB defeat the Bottomline in a one on one contest. In XWF, Xtremeamania, HBB was the man of the night there. He had 3 matches, one including a briefcase match which he cashed in to defeat 3nails thus gaining the XWF Championship. In ACW, HBB defeated Masters on his first ever written show he has wrote, and the first ever edition of Corruption. In EHW, HBB won the EHW World Championship in his debut match.


  • The Showstoppa
  • The Headliner
  • The Mainevent
  • The Golden Boy
  • The Prince
  • The King of EFeds
  • Mr.Reasonable Doubt
  • Mr.AWA
  • CWF's Golden Boy

Noteable Betrayals

  • TTT (Tyler A, Donovan T, Triple Crown)
  • Nightmares of Darkness (Koumidiator, Legend Killer)
  • Legends(cena29, Regulator, Jake Impact)
  • Latino Game
  • Adam Aries
  • Regulator
  • Lioncross
  • Killswitch
  • Gage Smith
  • Rush(Nick, Sexy Beast, Viva La CCage)
  • Starr
  • Mr.Success

Noteable Feuds

  • Koumidiator
  • NOD
  • Tyler A
  • Donovan T
  • King Kjors
  • Mak
  • Y2Impact
  • Jaywalker
  • Regulator
  • Robbie V
  • CM Bank$
  • Lioncross
  • Bottomline
  • Carlos
  • Hollywood
  • Hannah Hardy
  • Starr Stan
  • Gage Smith
  • Mr.Success
  • Killswitch
  • Jake Impact
  • CC Storm
  • Mister K
  • 3Nails
  • Masters
  • cena29

Finishers & SignaturesEdit


  • Sweet Chin Music
  • Inverted Figure Four
  • Crossface
  • Heart of Doom( Orton's Punt Kick )


  • Heart Break Elbow
  • Heart Breaker (Unprettier)
  • Kip Up
  • Scoop slam
  • Piledriver Suplex
  • Backwards Moonsault
  • Boston Crabs
  • Sharpshooter
  • Atomic Drop
  • Backbreaker
  • Heart of Wind (Flying Moonsault)
  • Running Heel Kick
  • Ankle Lock
  • Belly to Belly Suplex
  • Skin the Cat
  • Teardrop Suplex

Managers, Tag Teams, Stables & ThemesEdit


  • Eve
  • Regulator
  • Alexa
  • cena29
  • Lioncross
  • Avalanche
  • Masters
  • Latino Game
  • Legend Killer
  • Koumidiator
  • The Heart Break Gal

Stables and Tag Teams

  • Heart Break Band (DSS, MVP, HBG and HBKF)
  • Dynasty X (Alexander Da Vinci)
  • DX (Masters)
  • D-Generation X Mafia (Regulator, Lioncross, Avalanche, Eve)
  • HAC (cena29, Alexa)
  • Legends (Regulator, cena29, Jake Impact)
  • Rush (HBG)
  • New Age Rockers ( Nick and Viva La CCage )
  • NOD (Koumidiator & Legend Killer)
  • HBB & Latino Game


Accomplishments and AwardsEdit

  • TTOW Original
  • TTOW World Heavyweight Champion
  • SNT World Champion
  • Co-Chairman of TTOW
  • EHW World Heavyweight Champion (2)
  • EHW European Champion (3)
  • EHW Hall of Fame
  • EHW Tag Team Champions (w/ cena29)
  • Demolition World Heavyweight Champion
  • UAW Original
  • UAW World Heavyweight Champion
  • OWA Original
  • OWA World Heavyweight Champion
  • UWF World Champion
  • NBF Tag Team Champion (w/ HBKF)
  • OWF World Champion
  • Former OWF GM
  • Wrote WFF's last retirement show
  • WFF Champion
  • Record in WFF: 22-1
  • 3 Time EAW Hardcore Champion
  • EAW Interbranded World Champion(2)
  • Competed in the first ever Grand Rampage Battle Royal
  • EAW Feud of the Year (2009--won with Mak)
  • ACW Corruption Champion
  • EAW Hall of Fame (Class of 2010)
  • EAW Promoer of the Year of 2009(Won)
  • EAW Extremist of the Year( Nominated but lost)
  • EAW Match of the Year( Nominated w/ CM Bank$ but lost)
  • EAW Feud of the Year (Nominated w/ CM Bank$ but lost)
  • EAW Tag Team of the Year( Dynasty X nominated but lost)
  • EAW World Heavyweight Champion
  • Voted Best Match at Reasonable Doubt with Mak (EAW)
  • TCWF Junior World Heavyweight Champion
  • CWF North American Champion
  • CWF's Golden Boy
  • Named CWF Wrestler of the Year of 2009
  • Named Heel of the Year in 2009
  • CWF World Heavyweight Champion (Youngest World Champion)
  • Runner Up in IWS Tag Team Tourney
  • XWF Vice President
  • XWF's Superstar of the Year of 2008
  • XWF's 2008 MITB Winner
  • XWF World Heayweight Champion (3)
  • XWF's first ever Grand Slam Champion
  • Named #1 XWF's Most Influential
  • XWF Champion
  • XWF Hall of Famer
  • XWF Chairman
  • XWF Original
  • XWF Tag Team Champion (w/ Latino Game)
  • XWF TV Champion
  • XWF IC Champion
  • First Person in XWF to ever hold Two titles at the same time
  • Former Full-Time XWF GM
  • ACW Original
  • Former ACW GM for Chaos and Corruption
  • ACW Corruption World Heavyweight Champion (3)
  • ACW Hardcore Champion
  • ACW Tag Team Champion (w/ Alexa)
  • ACW Grand Slam Champion
  • Voted Best Corruption Star
  • Voted Best Corruption Champion
  • ACW Hall of Famer
  • AWA Original
  • Voted 2 for Mr.AWA
  • Former AWA/NWA GM
  • AWA Hall of Famer
  • AWA's First Ever Grand Slam Champion
  • AWA Carnage Champion
  • AWA 24/7 Champion
  • AWA Destruction Champion
  • AWA IC Champion (2)
  • NWA Champion (2)
  • NWATNA Tag Champion(w/ Ronn)
  • Considered AWA's Greatest Legend
  • AWA World Heavyweight Champion (3)
  • AWA Undisputed Champion
  • First to end Koumidiator's 8 month long World title reign
  • TWL Original
  • PCW (ACWF) Founder/Writer
  • EAW Triple Crown Champion
  • EAW Unified Tag Champion
  • EAW Grand Slam Champion(supposedly)

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